Tuesday, January 29, 2013

226. Moldova on my mind

I thought this blog would end after I left Moldova, but Moldova keeps coming to my mind.  I try to stay up to date on what is going on in Moldova because I care about the country and its people.  I have a lot of good friends there that I hope to see again one day.

My host family hopes that I continue to write in this blog.  They said that they want to understand life in America and keep up with how and what I am doing.  So maybe I will continue to write...

A few days ago I found this ticket for the trolley in the capitol city Chisinau and I remembered all of the good times I had in that city.  This is a one time ticket that I paid about 17 US cents to purchase.


Anonymous said...

I have visited Moldova as a part of a USAID program. I enjoyed your blog before and after I was there.

I encourage you to share the US with your host family through your blog. I think it would be a tremendous gift.

We send new delegates in 4 weeks to Chisinau. Development of the power and energy markets is the focus. Tomorrow we have a team meeting on the trip. I am taking Moldovan chocolate to share.

Best of luck.

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